Sunday, October 7, 2012

Marina Village Historic District

Last weekend I was browsing a real estate listing for Marina Village.  Always thought the small houses with their country, suburban architectural style were unique.  Spent every sunny, summer day at the nearby Seaside Park beach as a child and travelled past Marina Village on each of these days. 

I decided to revisit some of the history of the Village which is now under the control of the Bridgeport Housing Authority.  Marina Village is listed as a co-op with 14 or 15 units.  It was obvious that the village-style townhouses were late 1800's or early 1900's.  Due to the village proximity to Long Island Sound and Seaside Park, my assumption was that the village may have been built for weekenders from the New York City area.  The Marina Village Historic District is described in the following article, yet does not include the discrete village section which I refer to in this blog post:

Judging by the few photos of the interiors in the real estate listings, most of the historic cottage-style  design has been long gone decimated by the "urbanization" and the deterioration of the area.  One of the annexes of Sikorsky Aircraft is just down the street.  There is another housing project nearby which is also called Marina Village.  Interstate 95 is 3-4 blocks to the north.  Picturesque Long Island Sound and Seaside Park are 2-3 blocks to the south.  I enjoy renovating old urban buildings and restoring them to their original style (building interiors included).  The Marina Village interiors would be a challenge to restore. 

The exteriors of the Village display a charming old and sometimes customized brick.  Tiled roofs were a quaint feature.  Photos of the exterior are rare due to the neighborhood's contemporary scene of drugs, violence, and gangs.  This particular exterior photo is encapsulated and does not reveal the true styling of the village:

Here is a view from Google Maps:,-73.199072&spn=0.002031,0.002006&t=h&z=18

Iranistan Avenue is just to the right.  I could not get a "streetside" of the Marina Village Historic District.