Friday, February 1, 2013


The month of February in the dog show world is renown for the Westminster Dog Show which has been held yearly at Madison Square Garden in New York City since the 1880's.  I cross-post this with my "Dog Training History Blog".

Dr. James E. Hair of Bridgeport, CT was a recognized dog show judge including assignments at the Westminster Dog Show.  He was known for judging Pointers and Setters, however, he also judged other dog breeds.

Reference from the Outing Magazine, 1899:

"Notes of the Month.
The Connecticut State Field Trials Club
have elected the following officers: President,

E. K. Sperry; Secretary and Treasurer, John E.
Bassett; First Vice-President, Dr. James E. Hair
Vice-President, W. J, Erwin; Second Vice-President, F. M. Chapin;
Executive Board of Governors, William G. Comstock, W. S. Hawley."

The above list of the Connecticut State Field Trials Club also contains some
other Bridgeport, CT notables.

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