Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Contemporary Bridgeporter, now at Poplar Forest, Virginia

As noted in my previous blog post from September 1, 2012, I have been following the paleobotanical research at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest for a few years.  This month, I received the quarterly newletter. Notes on the State of Poplar Forest.  Flipping through the newsletter, I noticed the biographical sketch of Poplar Forest's new President, Jeffrey L. Nichols.  I never met Jeffrey Nichols, however, I am aware that he is the recent, former director of the Mark Twain House and Museum, Hartford, CT.  Mr. Nichols, of all places, was born in Bridgeport, CT.  I was surprised when the announcement was dispensed that Mr. Nichols was leaving the Mark Twain Museum director's job and was hired at Poplar Forest.   Many months ago, I had sent an email to Mr. Nichols at the Mark Twain House with an historical inquiry.  He never responded to my email.  Oh well!

Well, since I plan to visit the Poplar Forest sometime and see the botanical archeology research, I will have to see if I can meet with Mr. Nichols.  Good Luck till then Nichols.

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