Sunday, September 16, 2012

Captain David Hawley, American Revolution 1776

Here is a blog article written by William Bailey of the Founder's Blog on Wordpress regarding the Navy Captain and privateer David Hawley.  Hawley was born in the Old Stratfield section of Bridgeport, CT.  Rather than summarize what Bailey wrote about Hawley you can read the accurate history directly in the following link:

The street Hawley Avenue in Bridgeport is named after the Bridgeport Hawley family.

There was plenty of Naval activity along the Connecticut coast during the American Revolution in the 1770's.  Both the Americans and British had bases in the area.  The Pequonnock River in Bridgeport, CT and the harbor were busy during that time period and were a hub of coastal and inland waterway protection.

A 1766 British map of Connecticut: 


For additional interest in local Bridgeport privateering during the American Revolution read about
Smedley and Sturges based in Black Rock Harbor.

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